Jennifer Hancock: Writer, Speaker, Humanist, Parent

Jennifer Hancock

aka Jen the Humanist

Re-Inject Ethics into Your Work!

Who is Jennifer?

Jennifer is considered one of the top writers and speakers in the Humanist world today. Focusing on critical thinking, personal ethics and personal responsibility, Jennifer’s “dynamic” and “captivating”   presentations will leave you “a good deal better informed and always inspired.”

Her experience as a leader in both the corporate and non-profit sectors makes her an ideal guest for just about any audience.

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Jen's Leadership Philosophy

Treat people with respect; encourage them to be the best that they can be, and help them see the value in doing their best.

What is Humanism?

Humanism is a highly effective approach to human development. In fact it is the most humane and holistic approach to ethical philosophy humanity has ever devised.

What is Humanistic Leadership?

Humanistic Leadership is an ethical philosophic approach that is at once: compassoinate, reasonable and strategic

Humanistic Leaders are compassionate. They never forget that the people they are working with and for are real people with real strengths, real weaknesses and, most importantly, real emotions.

Humanistic Leaders are ethical. They don’t just give lip service to their values. They actually live them and lead by example. No one wants to follow a hypocrite.

Humanistic Leaders are reasonable. They are willing to listen to dissenting views because they want to base their decisions on reality and not on assumption.

And finally a Humanistic Leaders are strategic. They review all their options, consider the  pros and cons of each solution and choose the one that will give them and their team the best chance of success.

(Learn more about Humanistic Leadership)

How Can I Help You?

By sharing her pragmatic Humanist approach to living life fully and intentionally, Jennifer has transformed the lives of those who have been touched by her work.  She compassionately challenges people to think about and question who they are and what they are and in so doing, motivates them to be the best, most ethical people they can be.

She brings a delightful sense of humor, creativity, and compassion along with a no-nonsense approach to all of her presentations. 

Sample Programs

  • The World Doesn't Revolve Around You

  • Pragmatic Problem Solving

  • Compassionate Customer Service

  • The Rule of Threes

  • Why critical thinking is so critical

  • Reality Really Matters

  • Humanistic Business Management

  • Applied Humanism

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Coping with Bullies and other Obnoxious People

  • Rational Relationships

I'm also happy to tailor a program to your needs, just ask.


I am available for keynotes, workshops and trainings in Florida and other places providing travel expenses are paid. 

I also do training and workshops online and many companies request hybrid training combining online learning and facilitated discussion. . Please visit: to check course availability or to arrange a program for your team.

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Contact Information:

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